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City woman recounts nightmarish ride with Uber driver from hell

A woman in Nairobi has narrated a chilling account of how she was almost kidnapped by an Uber driver who also attempted to rip her off and assault her.

The incident, which took place on Thursday night near Buburubu Police Station, has since been reported and the said driver arrested.

The victim, who goes by the name Sheila Mkenya on Facebook, narrated how she requested for a ride only to have a driver come with a different car from the one indicated on the App.

The driver, who the App identified as Dennis, explained that the vehicle was new and yet to be included in his Uber profile.

The ride started well but midway the driver started asking Sheila weird questions.

“He went ahead to ask me strangest question that ran a chill down my spin, “are you a Christian or a Devil worshiper?”, I sensed danger but since it was a short trip and I was already in my neighborhood I kept calm and responded that I was a Christian. His response was “napendanga watu kaa nyinyi” I asked him to end the trip 100 meters from my gate after I saw the watchman but he drove to the gate where we found a couple in a white car KBJ ***. The Uber driver asked me if the white car was an Uber and I told him I didn’t know. He pulled down his window and asked the guy in the white car if he was an Uber driver, which he said he wasn’t.


“I insisted that he end the trip and leave sent him Ksh 400 but it wasn’t enough as my trip cost came to Ksh 550. I took out a 1k note and handed it to him waiting for my change. That’s when trouble started. He told me, “I’m f***ing high and I don’t return change when I’m high, wait until morning and I’ll send you the change” I insisted on getting my change and asked to to Mpesa me. He said he won’t and he told me to get out of his car.

“I told him I won’t leave without my change and that’s when he got physical. He was shoving me and pushing me to get out of his car and when I didn’t budge he started cursing at me and calling me names. He told me “oooh.. Kwa hivo hutaki kutoka kwa Gari? Ngoja uone kwenye ntakupeleka, utaona”, and he drew up the car windows. Just before he locked the car I opened the door on my side and stepped on the door (I’d gone into self defense mode). He continued yelling at me “funga hio mlango wewe, si nimekwambia ufunge” I still didn’t budge, his yelling had attracted the watchman who came to ask if I was OK,” Sheila wrote.

The driver is reported to have stepped out of the car and started insulting his passenger while saying that the woman who was in the vehicle outside their gate was his witchdoctor aunt.

Buruburu police officers were called in and the said driver was arrested.

Uber has since written back to Sheila indicating that they were willing to co-operate with the police investigations.