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City women confess why they stay in bad marriages

City women have listed some of the reasons why they opt to stay in bad marriages.

In a post on Kilimani First Wives Facebook group, a member had asked women to “state the reasons used to validate marriages that should have ended a long time ago.”

Most women cited the children, while others wrote of how women cannot stand the thought of their ex-husbands moving on with another woman.

Here are the reasons in their own words.

“Siezi nikaachia mwanamke mwingine Nyumba yangu. Vile nimehustle ndo tufike hapa. It rains everywhere,” wrote one wife.

“Watu watasema….Watoto wataumia….Sina kazi….Nitanzia wapi,” another added.

“Hii nyumba na shamba worth 25m niachie mtu? huku ni kwa watoi wangu singatuki,” another commented.


“Watoto wanapenda baba yao, he is a good provider, I can’t leave my home for another woman, am an orphan sina kwa kwenda,” another replied.

“Am born again,” one wife stated.

“It rains everywhere, utoke kwa bwana anakucheat na unaenda kulala na bwana wa mwanamke mwingine, we have kids and he provides, he is not violent its just cheating every man is polygamous by nature, sitoki kwangu he is the light one yeye ndo atatoka, wakicheat tunacheat, we have properties together, sina job mimi ni housewife sitaki kupea parents stress,” another commented.

“The minute u have a kid your life changes. Its not all about you anymore. Its so easy to walk out of marriage if u have no kid or anything to tie you to the man. But once u have kids and have invested…its easier said than done. Unless your life is in danger. For me that danger is physical and verbal abuse to me and my baby. Its never about the money… who knows, that man cud drop dead and maybe you don’t have a job…you won’t die…somehow u and the kids will find a way to live…it may never be the same but life will go on,” another added.

“Unajua watoto wamezoea a certain lifestyle which I can’t afford,” another wrote.

“I just think women are lazy literally…what makes one think she can’t manage on her own? What makes you think you can’t provide and have the lavish in this life without the title….ma shamba zina uzwa all over…marriage without love and peace is the only option and this it rains everywhere proverb has ruined women’s brains,” one wife concluded.