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City women narrate tales of painful breakups with their ex-lovers

City women have narrated how they managed to move on after heartbreaks by men some of who fathered their children.

In a popular Chit Chat Facebook group, the women wrote their experiences on how they got over lovers who dumped them.

Some narrated how they thought they would never move on or even heal while others admitted that the breakups still hurt them to date.

“I was once dumped kabla niolewe and the only thing that helped me ni I started basing on the ugly side of my ex… hadi waleo namchukia sanaaaa,” one narrated.

“Wengine wetu tulitemwa baada ya kupachikwa mimba na bado twajikaza twasonga mbele… one thing self-esteem isishuke everything happens with a purpose,” another added.

“I was dumped juzi tu na instead of crying I called my ex whom I had parked for comfort now moving on but really before God I want to get married like no other day pray for me,” a woman wrote.


“Sisi tuliwachwa kitambo, hata tumezoea sasa, tume move on, tume delete number kwa WhatsApp, True Caller na Messenger lakini shida ni kua bado wanatutafuta wakikumbuka nunu yetu,” another added.

“Weweeeee aki ya mine was worse hata sioni kama nitamove-on wish I had a gun,” another lamented.

“Crying tuliachia Mexican nowadays you just replace and move on very fast like a moving tsunami ??bottom line enzi za ku invest feelings ziliisha jipende mwanzo ata ukiwachwa hutafeel chochote,” another advised.

“Just learn to forgive and console yourself it was never meant to be!! If it was worry not he’ll come around. I was dumped once ile mbaya but now am a dumpeee… anytime a nigga tries to fuck with my mind I make sure I do the worse n forge ahead. Cry as much as you can, from there pick up the pieces n forge ahead… but usitoke kwa dating scene, meet new people, have fun and know how you’ll handle the next situation if at all it happens again,” another wrote.