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City women have a new secret that is ‘tightening’ bedroom matters

The quest by women to feel younger again has seen all manner of creams and concoctions being sold in Nairobi with the promise of ultimate pleasure to users and their lovers.

Now an enterprising woman in the city claims to have a liquid solution that has the ability to tighten a woman’s genitals.

The woman, who identified herself to Nairobi News as Julie, says the solution is natural and risk free.

The Miski solution, as it is called, is sold in small glass bottles similar to the ones used to sell fake perfumes in the city centre.

Each bottle is selling at Sh600 and deliveries are made free of charge within the city centre. Deliveries can also be made outside Nairobi but at an extra cost.


According to Julie, the concoction should be applied on a woman’s genitals before sex.

In a phone interview, she said the product does not have any side effect. The Nairobi News cannot verify her claims.

For a woman with a yeast infection that has not manifested itself, it may do so after using Miski.

She recommends a test can be done by potential users to confirm if they have a yeast infection or not.

“Some things take time to show. You might be having yeast infection but it hasn’t shown yet. However, to know if you have the (yeast) problem, just apply original honey, and not the ones from the supermarket. If you get itchy then you have yeast infection, if you do not get itchy then you are okay,” she explained.

Julie says she gets her supplies from another trader in Mombasa whom she did not identify. She has been marketing the product on Facebook and other online marketing platforms.