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City women reveal their first encounters with mothers-in-law

Nairobi women have shared their first encounters with their mothers-in-law and how the moment influenced their ensuing relationships.

While dating and finally getting married to a good man is the ultimate dream for most of them, meeting the mother in-law appears to be their worst nightmare.

The conversation was sparked by one online user in a private Facebook group for Nairobi wives who asked other members to share their experiences of the first day they were introduced to their partner’s mother.

Also, what mode of persuasion did they use to win her favours.

“Ladies, how was the first introduction to the in-laws? What did you do to win the mother in law asireact vibaya aone kweli kijanake alioa?” asked one online user.

Other wives joined in saying that it was better to be yourself rather than pretend to be someone else just so the mother-in-law can like you.

While others gave hilarious narrations of how they went about wooing her.


“Simply be yourself……living a life of pretence in order to please someone is extremely difficult and at some point you will grow tired and reveal your true identity and that is when issues will arise. I knew from where I came from they won’t like it, so I was just myself. They either love me or hate me down the line 16yrs an still it’s as if I don’t exist, and I don’t give a damn,” said an online user.

“Leave this pple alone, u will never impress them no matter how hard u try!” wrote another online user.

“When my MIL learnt abt her son & I, she called me all sorts of names went to the extent of insulting my parents. wats funny is that I never had the energy to answer her or fight her back. Its 3yrs down the line & this week she called hubby to tell him twende Christmas & he was like, no thanks tuko sawa. I always wonder wat nuggs these MIL’s!” commented another online user.

“Nilipelekwa nikiwa na ball, so after introduction and stuff niliingia bed until supper time….sijui kama nilipendwa ama sikupendwa mimi,” stated one online user.

“Mi niliamka 4 washed the goats, cows na sungura na nikazipaka mafuta then proceeded to milk them halafu nikapika chai na pancakes. By the time waliamka 7 nikawaserve and as they were having breakfast nikaenda nikaosha gate na miti na maua zote kwa compound and when i finished nikakuta wamekaa sitting room vile nilikuja wakanyamaza and the Mil went to the bedroom akakuja na all my things packed wakaniambia noende hawataki mpenzi jini for their son.Since then i learned that nothing you can do for people can make them like you and you just need to be yourself and the right ones will love you just the way you are na wasiokupenda achana nao juu the road to heaven does not pass through their yard after all ati wakikuchukia they will block your passage,” said one online user.

“Let mothers-in-law be, if she doesn’t like you, no matter what you do, she will never do. Just treat in-laws with respect,” commented another online user.

“Mother in law akupende and the ritual ya vita na daughter-in-law nani atafanya. Utakuwa the whole family’s queen if u marry the black sheep. But try the ‘bread winner’,” said one onl