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City’s tallest building to have a live countdown to 2017

Nairobi’s tallest building is set to make history again by being the first skyscraper in the country to have a live countdown to a new year.

The 33-storey UAP Old Mutual Tower in Upper Hill will have a live countdown and 2017 written across it at the turn of the year.

The new year will also be welcomed with a beautiful spectacle of lighting.

“For the first time in Kenya, the UAP Tower will light up the four corners of Nairobi with colour and hope in the New Year. As the clock strikes midnight, get your nearest and dearest together to witness the spectacular New Year’s countdown on the tower from any vantage point on Nairobi starting 8:00pm,” Patricia Kiwanuka, the group’s chief executive announced on Friday.

On Jamhuri day, the building was illuminated  in the country’s national colours, while on Christmas day, the words “Merry Christmas” scrolled on the body of the building.