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CJ Maraga responds after KRA staff stun court with hoodies, dark glasses

Chief Justice David Maraga has warned Judges from encouraging suspects to appear in court wearing dark glasses and hoodies with an aim of concealing their.

In a letter addressed to Judges, Magistrates and Kadhis, the Chief Justice argued that while the right to privacy must be respected at all times, due process of the administration of justice may be hampered if suspects in criminal matters are not easily identifiable.

Mr Maraga added that allowing suspects cover their facial identities might be seen to perpetuate impunity, particularly when such behaviour could bring the court to disrepute.


“It has come to my attention that of late, suspects taken to court to face various criminal charges have taken to hiding their identity by wearing dark glasses or covering their faces with hoodies to make themselves unidentifiable,”

He added: “While exercising your individual and independent control of your courts, you must ensure that you are not seen to be perpetuating impunity.”

Mr Maraga’s directive comes after social media uproar following the manner at which 36 KRA suspects appeared in court all covered up in dark glasses and Hoodies.

Most of them were unrecognizable. The group were charged for tax evasion among other counts.