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CJ Mutunga busts multi-million scam at traffic courts during visit – VIDEO

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has uncovered a massive corruption web at the traffic courts section of the judiciary where police officers and brokers have set up parallel courts to fleece the government and motorists.

The CJ made the discovery during an impromptu visit to the traffic courts section Monday morning.

“The unscrupulous cartels have been denying the judiciary millions of shillings in revenue as the ‘fines’ end up in individual police officers’ pockets, said Dr Mutunga.

He said that majority of those who attended court are those who refused to pay bribes and should not be kept in court for long. He thanked motorists who have refused to bribe traffic police officers.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga with officials at the traffic courts. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS
Chief Justice Willy Mutunga with officials at the traffic courts. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS

In June, the CJ issued a circular directing that traffic offenders who accept liability should not be locked in cells as they prepare to settle court fines and bails.

Dr Mutunga said fines would be processed in court before the judge or magistrate in efforts aimed at curbing corruption.



Before the directive, offenders remained in the court cells as their fines and bails get paid by third parties in commercial banks —which are mostly situated outside the courts and the lenders operation hours not timed with judicial proceedings.

This has raised the possibility of offenders spending the night in cells on failure to pay fines or bails within the banking hours.

“Traffic courts shall process the payment of traffic fines in open court,” Dr Mutunga said in a statement.

“No accused persons in traffic cases will be locked up in cells without first being granted time, place and adequate facilities to pay fines and bail.”