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Clampdown operation in Nairobi nets Sh 2million in single day

Nairobi County reached its daily revenue target of Sh2 million from parking following a crackdown on Tuesday.

The operation, in which vehicles whose owners had not paid parking fees were clamped, was carried out by the county secretary, all chief officers and the revenue enforcement team in the CBD, Westlands and Industrial Area.

Speaking at the CBD, head of the revenue enforcement team John Ntoiti said the operation resumed in the city after parking revenue went down.

“We have hit the target of Sh2 million from the previous Sh1.4 million. Our revenue has been stagnant and now we want to ensure that the team leading this operation will not relent until all our dues are paid,” said Dr Ntoiti.

A total of 36 vehicles in the CBD, 40 in Westlands and over 20 in Industrial Area were clamped on Tuesday, he said.


He said the increased parking revenue was a sign that the county can meet its targets if enforcement is done.

Dr Ntoiti also blamed motorists of using shortcuts to avoid remitting county revenue despite the process being made digital to avoid inconveniences, especially where the parking attendant is not in sight.

He warned warned motorists that the county has enough clamping equipment and that they will clamp all vehicles that do not comply.

“Let the motorists be warned that we have more clamping machines than the number of vehicles parked in the city. We will carry out the clampdown until we get our revenue as required,” said Dr Ntoiti.

He added that on Wednesday the county will embark on an operation targeting non-payments of rates within the city.