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Clap back king: Five times Miguna was Miguna in fiery NTV interview

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has been known to court controversy and to push for something he believes in. This has led him to be loved and disliked in equal measure.

Miguna, who jetted back into the country on Thursday, 20 October, had his first altercation with a journalist at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and ended up shutting down the reporter who posed, “Miguna Miguna will you take any position in the government if he offered?”

In response, the Canadian cum Kenyan lawyer said, “That is an irrelevant question at this time.”

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With his energy to clap back unmatched, Miguna had his first interview on NTV on Friday night with him causing instances that showed his true nature.

  1. Miguna called out Joe Ageyo for interrupting him while making his points. “If you were interviewing Raila Odinga you would have treated him like a King and not interrupted him. I have seen you act like a lamb in the presence of Raila Odinga,” he shot back.
  2. While explaining how Raila Odinga collaborated with former President Uhuru Kenyatta to have him exiled, Miguna threw accusations at Mr. Odinga, which led to Mr. Ageyo interjecting, but Miguna shot back with, “When you ask a question, you can’t dictate how I’m going to answer it because I did not construct the question.”
  3. On the question of whether he still viewed the Head of State as a demigod as he had earlier termed him, Miguna claimed that Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Odinga had called each other names more than any other politician, but when Mr. Ageyo persisted on his stand on President Ruto, Miguna shot back with, “See the problem with you is that someone is breathing in your ears that you should agitate Miguna so that you can get your way somehow, but you are not going to get it, please listen to me.”
  4. When Mr. Ageyo asked him to wrap up his point as there was no time, Miguna replied, “The problem with Kenyan media is that it is shallow and in a hurry.”
  5. While Mr. Ageyo insisted that he must answer his question and not go around in circles, Miguna shot back with, “Either I am going to make my point or the interview is over.”

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