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Lodging owner gazettes uncollected cars left by customers

A bar and lodging owner has issued a 30-day gazette notice on three vehicles suspected to have been left on his premise by customers, saying they will be auctioned at the expiry of the notice..

Antony Macharia, the director of Miritini Bar and Lodging issued a gazette notice on February 17 to owners of three uncollected vehicles in his premise.

“Notice is given pursuant to the provision of Uncollected Goods Act (Cap. 38) of the laws of Kenya, to the owners of motor vehicles reg. Nos. KAW 451E, ZC 1758 and KAX 565S, to take delivery of the same from Messrs, Miritini Bar and Lodging premises within thirty days from the date of publication of this notice..” read the notice in part.

Mr Macharia added that the collection will only be done after the owners have paid for storage, repairs and any other incidental charges including the cost of the gazette notice.


“…failure to which the said motor vehicles will be disposed off either by public auction or private treaty without further reference to the owners in order to defray the storage, repair charges and other related charges in accordance with this Act,” concluded the notice.

Issuance of gazette notices by business owners is not strange. Companies that repair electronic gadgets have in the past issued similar notices for gadgets that remain uncollected by customers.

LG East Africa on May 19, 2016 issued a gazette notice to its customers who had given fridges, washing machines, TV’s, microwaves, CD’s, home-theatres, DVD’s, radios, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones and other electronics for servicing and failed to collect them after the recommended 90 days.