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Clemo to fight for music producers and songwriters’ rights

Clement Rapudo, popularly known as Clemo, a legendary music producer and Chief Officer of Culture, Arts, and Tourism in Nairobi County, has announced that he will prioritize fighting for the welfare and IP rights of music producers and songwriters instead of artists.

As a genge pioneer, Clemo believes that the issues facing producers and songwriters have been neglected for too long.

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“All are important; the artiste, the producer and the songwriter. But at this point in time, it’s the artists’ issues that have been well addressed. That said, in my new capacity I will be championing more for the welfare and better appreciation of music producers and songwriters who have been forgotten,” Clemo founder of the once popular Calif Records, says.

Clemo’s plan is to lobby the county government to create legal frameworks ensuring music producers and songwriters earn royalties from their songs.

Artists tend to be the primary beneficiaries of royalties despite involving producers and songwriters in song creation.

“Its only fair that also the producers and songwriters earn from all content they create. They also need to get some revenue from all the content they produce. They should be paid for their mechanical rights. If let say its Skiza royalties, they should also get their share percentage.

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“An artiste shouldn’t argue that just because he paid for the track at the studio then he owns the full rights, that’s the only service charge there is the creativity aspect of the producer and songwriter as well,” Clemo adds.

Mechanical rights (royalties) are earned each time a musical composition is reproduced physically or digitally. Clemo argues that the producers and songwriters’ creativity is a significant aspect of the music production process and should not be overlooked.

As the Chief Officer of Culture, Arts, and Tourism, Clemo focuses on improving the music industry in Nairobi County.

He is passionate about nurturing new talent and has previously worked with aspiring artists through his once-popular Calif Records label.

While his focus is on the welfare of music producers and songwriters, he acknowledges that all parties are essential and hopes to bring harmony and balance to the industry.

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