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Clinical officer arrested after woman is raped in private hospital

Police in Homa Bay County have arrested a clinical officer who is suspected to have raped a female patient at a private clinic on Monday night.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Esther Seroney said the medic was arrested while at work on Wednesday.

“He was just undertaking his normal duties at the hospital when our officers arrested him. He will be arraigned,” she said.

It all started on Monday night when a 33-year-old woman walked into a private hospital in Homa Bay Town in pain.

Her hope was that her deteriorating health condition would be sorted.

The mother of four later fell unconscious after being attended to by a male clinical officer who advised her to spend the night at the health facility.

Woke up

But when she woke up past midnight, she reported having found the 32-year-old medic, who attended to her medical needs, sleeping beside her on a hospital bed.

Her worst fears turned out to be true: She had been raped by the medic who was supposed to have treated her.

The woman reported that she went to the hospital where the suspect allegedly injected a drug on her hand before instructing her to go to a separate room for further examination and rest.

“I felt dizzy after I was injected twice on the hand. I woke up a few hours later and found myself in an isolated room. Beside me was the medic who was supposed to treat me,” she said.

The case was reported at Homa Bay Police station on Wednesday after a medical examination conducted at the same hospital.