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Clout chasing or nah? Harmonize spotted getting cozy with famous Tanzanian babe

Tanzanian superstar singer Harmonize, born Rajab Abdul Kahali, took to his socials to unveil the new babe keeping his ribs company in a homely video and a beach photo shoot on January 5, 2023.

The two, Harmonzie and Feza, posed for photos in swimming gear at an unnamed beach as Harmonzie held up a surfboard and a paddle stick while she accompanied him in wading through the water. In one instance, she was down on her toes to check if Harmonzie had been stabbed beneath his foot as they walked through the water.

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In both their Instagram stories, they captioned a video shot by Feza that “love is (a) gamble” as Feza lay on a couch being all pretty for a social media video before she switched the camera to reveal Harmonize painting her toenails with white nail polish as they listened to one of Harmonize’s love ballads.

It turns out, Feza Kessy is also a Tanzanian musician; and she opened her New Year saying, “This year is going to be full of joy and happiness, more trips, more excitement and more blessings on blessings.”

However, a bunch of sceptical users have been wondering, like Kenya’s musicians Willy Paul and Jovial, are Harmonzie and Feza clout chasing? Do they have an upcoming project together?

This is especially in the ongoing drama between Harmonize and his famous ex, Fridah Kajala, and a video vixen by the name Sophie.

Nairobi News previously reported that Harmonize and Kajala broke up after she accused him of cheating on her in a December 2022 post, and said she deserved all the scorn that would come her way for agreeing to get back together with him after he allegedly did the same thing that precipitated their first break up.

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Later the two would engage in online spats as Harmonize went ahead and shaded Kajala’s renowned assets claiming that they were fake. The two also began fighting over the ownership of a Range Rover that Harmonize had gifted Kajala but she would not give it back after breaking up.

In the middle of all this drama, a video vixen by the name Sophie emerged claiming that she was Harmonize’s woman after she starred in his Ameolewa song. Harmonize claimed that Sophie was lying and that they had only met on the music video shoot set.

“This is the problem with being humble. You give people opportunities and they think they are your equals,” added Harmonize in the last week of December 2022, days after Kajala dumped him.

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It should be noted that Sophie bears an uncanny similarity to Kajala in appearance, only that Kajala is bodacious while Sophie is on the slimmer side.

It, therefore, begs the question, is this relationship between Harmonize and Feza a PR stunt to make Kajala feel jealous and clean up his image after the Sophie drama, or is it a legit relationship?