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Clumsy Kenyan man handed ultimate humiliation during marriage proposal – VIDEO

A bungling Kenyan man was handed the ultimate humiliation when his supposed fiancée turned down his proposal in a packed fast food restaurant.

A video that has gone viral shows the unidentified man ask the anxious woman if she will be “my future ex-wife?”

The evidently speechless woman, makes short paces, at some point bending over to whisper something to the man, who is already down on one knee, while holding a ring.

The man quickly corrects his question: “Will you be my wife?”


The man, it seems, is unimpressed by the whisper, and immediately wears a stunned face.

The persistent woman then seems to lift him up as onlookers record awaiting a fairy tale.

The scene happened at a Galitos-cum-Chicken Inn eatery.

“Unajua Kenya tunakuwaga wabaya sana. Kama ni US tungekuwa tushaclap,” one of the women is heard saying in the background.

“She is so pretty,” quips another.


At this point, the people around start urging the woman to “say yes”.

The proposing man then asks them to help him urge her to say yes.

In the end, the unidentified woman walks behind the man, picks her handbag and struts out leaving the man with egg on face.

It is not clear if the woman turned down the proposal due to the wrong question or other reasons.

Watch the video below.