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Coastal woman’s Swahili dish that only whetted her fiancé’s huge appetite

By Sammy Waweru February 2nd, 2023 2 min read

The way to man’s heart is through his stomach, so they say. That said, that route is fraught with its own challenges, especially so is the man in question is undecided.

While some ladies have mastered the trick, others have suffered endless heartbreak in their pursuit for Mr Right, their culinary skills notwithstanding.

Now one Kenyan woman by the name Sarah Haluwa – as per her profile on Facebook – though she had hacked it, until she prepared her supposedly special meal to the mas she was dating.

Haluwa who is a creative writer at Storymoja Publishers, has reminisced how charmed her man with one of her Swahili dishes.

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The woman, who hails from Kilifi County, says she once prepared a delicious dinner but to her surprise the food was not substantially enough for the dude she now calls a ‘brother’.

“I dated a brother from Western Kenya for a while and you know sisi wasichana wa Coast the way we love making our coastal dishes. So one evening I prepared some very nice mahamri and maharagwe ya nazi for my person. Mapenzi wewe! Anyway tulikula, tukamaliza,” Haluwa wrote.

“And after I cleared the dishes, I noticed he kept looking at the kitchen expectantly. ‘Ni nini?’ I ask him. He goes like ‘Haiya? Was that it? There’s no other food coming?'” she recounted.

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Mahamri are traditional Swahili doughnuts especially popular in the Coastal regions of Kenya and Tanzania. The puffy and golden brown snacks are made with coconut milk and spiced with cardamom. Maharagwe ya nazi, are coconut beans.

From the post, it appears the man in question seemingly sought for some more meals since the food served was not enough.

Haluwa’s post has since generated mixed reactions, some of her followers ridiculing men from Western region.

Coastal women are well-known for the culinary skills, with men from upcountry who relocate to the Coast often forewarned against the allure of Coastal women.

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