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College students captured on video brutally assaulting their colleague

Kenya Technical Trainers College is investigating an incident where a group of students were captured in a video attacking a colleague on allegations that he had stolen a mobile phone.

The college Chief Principal Hilda Omwoyo said once complete with the investigation, the institution will hand it over to the police.


“We are aware of the video, we are reviewing it so that we can narrow to those who were involving in attacking the colleague,” said Mrs Omwoyo.

The two minute video was posted on social media by Longton Jamil who called for action.

“Bullying in Kenya Technical Trainers College. The College is based in Gigiri next to UN and US Embassies. It is a government college. We demand for action against the students for the gross violations of Human Rights,” Mr Jamil posted.

In the video, the victim, in a red t-shirt, is seen pleading for forgiveness while seated down as his colleagues attack him in turns in what appears to be in a hostel.

A suspect in a black t-shirt is seen raining blows and kicks on the victim while calling him a thief (Wewe ni mwizi! wewe ni mwizi!).


Other students are heard in the video encouraging their colleague to beat up the victim. Another student sitting on the bed and armed with a can joins in the beating.

Wewe ni mwizi! Wewe ni mwizi! (You are a thief, you are a thief),” shouts the attacker as the victim pleads for forgiveness while admitting that he stole (Nimekubali).

Another assailant who was initially seated on the bead then takes over and starts whipping the victim with a stick.

Even as the victim wails continuously in pain, other students are heard laughing at the victim.

Another student knocks on the door and inquires what is going on. One student replies by saying the victim wanted to steal his mobile phone.

At the end of the video, the victim is seen lying unconsciously on the floor.