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Colombian youngster asks Kenyan athlete for jersey

Kenyans have been wowed by a photo of a young boy, believed to be a Colombian, requesting a jersey from a Kenyan athlete at the just concluded 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The youngster had a placard bearing the message in Kiswahili.

“Habari, mimi pia ni mwanariadha na najivunia kuvaa shati ya Kenya kataika mbio zangu, ungenipa?. The translated message read: “Greetings, I’m also an athlete and would be proud to don a Kenyan jersey, kindly assist me”


It is not clear how he managed to express himself in swahili but Kenyan his prayers were answered as Felix Korir, the silver medallist in the men’s 3,000m final at the Games, handed him the jersey.

Kenya finished the championships at position 13 with a total of 21 medals, which includes 6 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals, and 10 Bronze medals.

It emerged at position three in Africa after Nigeria and South Africa, with Uganda finishing fourth.