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Colonel Mustapha: ‘My mother is fighting cancer’

Rapper Colonel Mustafa is going through a tough time trying to make ends meet to support his family.

The musician recently revealed that his mother is very ill and has been diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma), a condition that has left the family financially devastated.

Speaking to Milele FM’s @ankaliray, Mustafa opened up about his situation, explaining that he has taken up menial jobs to meet his financial obligations.

He explained that his mother’s medical bills have been a burden on the family and he is doing everything he can to raise funds to support her.

“I have been doing this job for over a year now. Things have been bad. My mother is sick. She is battling cancer and so I am looking for all possible ways to raise money just to boost her finances,” he said.

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Mustafa also hit back at those who have mocked him for not investing wisely, claiming that he has spent a lot of money on his mother’s medical expenses.

Mustafa also revealed that he has received support from friends in the music industry who called to check on him after a video of him working on a construction site went viral.

“Someone took the video and put it online. I saw the video last night.”


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♬ Hey Baby (feat. Marya) – Colonel Moustapha

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The rapper told the radio host that the video was not a music video as claimed, adding that he did not orchestrate the leak for attention.

He revealed how the leaked video affected his life: “After that information nimeshindwa hata kutembea, kwani huwezi jitafutia, sasa itakuwa aje? Na siko vizuri ivo, mambo ni ngumu bana. (After that information leaked, I couldn’t even walk around freely because you can’t face people. So, how will things be now? And I’m not doing well, things are tough, man)”.

Mustafa then revealed that he has been working on a project that he cannot talk about but has kept him busy for the past year.

In 2022, he revealed he suffered from depression after leaving the popular reality show ‘Nairobi Diaries’.

Mustapha said things have been tough, forcing him to disappear from social media for a while.

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