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Colonel Mustapha: Why my relationship with Marya failed

Colonel Mustafa and Marya, once celebrated as a celebrity power couple, had a tumultuous five-year relationship that gripped the public’s attention.

The highs and lows of their journey were marked by accusations of abuse, infidelity, and the strains of fame, ultimately leading to their separation.

In a revealing interview on the Iko Nini Podcast on November 15, Colonel Mustafa shed light on the intricacies of their relationship.

Mustapha highlighted an incident that left him scarred and contributed to his uneasiness around phones.

Mustafa recounted discovering unsettling things on Marya’s phone while she was away for a show, an experience that had a profound impact on him.

“I was waiting for two weeks and didn’t see her, and we were living together. When she came back, I think she was going to a show, and she left her phone. So when I checked the phone, it didn’t have a pin code,” he recounted.

“There were things I saw there that left me with a fear of phones till today. There were things I saw, like “the whole house smelling of your perfume since you left”. Plus, other things that were mentioned that messed with my head at that time,” he revealed.

Mustafa acknowledged that Marya might not have been prepared for the challenges that fame brought into their lives.

As Marya gained popularity in the music industry, external influences, promises, and attention played a role in the demise of their once strong connection.

“What happened is, I think I made a mistake by involving her in music… maybe she wasn’t ready for those things because she didn’t want that. She didn’t want anything to do with music. But we saw an opportunity, we could make money with her, and we thought she should do it.”

“So, I did it with good intentions. But now, as she entered the game, she became loved and in demand. There are many people outside, and they have many promises. So it came, and it fell apart. People came in and messed things up, and that’s how it ended,” he explained.

Mustafa clarified that the damage to their relationship extended beyond musical endeavors.

Deep-rooted issues, including infidelity, had a more profound impact on their connection.

“What ruined my relationship with Marya wasn’t religious matters. It was something deep, in the midst of which cheating occurred. So, since she did that, she herself said she can’t be with me.”

After their split, both Mustafa and Marya faced significant challenges in their lives.

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