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Colourism! Why comedian Elsa Majimbo left Kenya

Kenyan content creator Elsa Majimbo, now based in the US, has candidly shared the reasons behind her decision to leave Kenya at the age of 19.

The 22-year-old comedian through one of her TikTok videos said that facing discrimination and negativity due to her dark skin compelled her to seek a more supportive environment abroad.

Majimbo expressed her experiences of being subjected to derogatory comments about her skin tone.

She recalled remarks such as “oh, you are so dark” and “look at that tint,” which fueled a toxic environment.

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The comedian asserted that she felt hindered by such attitudes and decided to seek a place where people appreciated and admired her complexion.

“I faced a lot of it when I grew up… there were a lot of comments on ‘oh, you are so dark.’ There was so much of that, and when that started happening when I was growing up, I was like, I will never progress in this country with this kind of mentality,” she explained.

Majimbo emphasized that her decision to leave was not about adopting a victim mentality but a strategic move to pursue opportunities and recognition.

She declared her loyalty to success and financial growth, highlighting the positive reception of her skin in the US.

“In the US, everyone is like, ‘oh my God, look at your skin, it is so stunning, it looks like pearl, it’s shining.’ So why wouldn’t I not be paid in dollars?” she asserted.

The comedian’s remarks sparked varied reactions on social media.

Some acknowledged the existence of colorism in Kenya, while others contested the narrative, urging Majimbo not to generalize the entire country based on individual experiences.

Mton: There’s colorism I agree, but I don’t think it marries with the situation. Kenyans didn’t just marry your humour. Americans did, & SAs

JNK: Majimbo people in Kenya liked you for your content. Why are you lying to people about colorism just to get a few likes

just me✅: Release Kenyans Elsa🤣.leave us aloone😅. Yeah theres colorism but why drag the whole country down to build your whole “victim” persona 😆. Sheeesh.

kaythechosen1: Colorism is becoming pretty intense in Africa. It’s getting weird man.

🌸: 😂😂😂 she left cause of colorism? R we making stuff up now…. As if her parents didnt get 2gether in their darkness to have her 😂😂.

Hafsa Mohamed: Why are y’all invalidating her experience??? That’s HER story. Colorism is real in Kenya whether u like it or not.

Sukari_tu: girl! you experienced a small number of people who made you “experience” colorism however why you always dragging Kenya?fyi!! we are all black here.



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