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Come correct and we will give you a chance: Quincy Jones Dubai band tells Kenyan artiste

Dubai’s hottest Band V4texx band has revealed that it is ready to work with Kenyans who can keep up with them.

The award-winning band plays at Q Club in Dubai, that was the first ever night spot by Quincy Jones, located at Palazzo Versace Hotel, a master piece of a hotel curated after the iconic designer.

For its live music, the club has won Fact Dining Awards Dubai 2022, Time Out Dubai, Night Life Awards 2022, and Dubai’s 2022 Best Live Music Venue Award.

The band consists of Dante Kennedy the drummer and band leader, Emmanuel the keyboardist, Ajay on guitar and Mr Segs the saxophonist.

“Last year I worked with over 30 artistes, connecting them with opportunities in the UEA, and we are looking to do more this year,” Dante explains.

“We are ready to work with Kenyan artiste if they come correct, we want to collaborate with musicians who can help us grow the live music culture in Dubai.”

Fellow band member Mr Segs admits that though he is a Sax legend back at home, but he wasn’t making good money until he went to Dubai.

The husband and father, revealed that he went to Dubai so he can provide for his family, and so far things are going well. In the band he brings not just his experience but also that African vibe which he adds to every set he plays.  He says.

“People come to Q club to not just hear the songs as they are, but to get our interpretation of the song. We have fused our traditional beats and rhythms with globally recognized hits and it’s been beautiful. We are open to work with any African artiste but you have to be strong enough to deliver at this high level.”

Emmanuel the Keyboardist, is part of the Nigeria trio. He has been in Dubai since 2016, performing with many artists throughout the UAE region. He has been performing in Q’s with the band since October 2021.

“There are many hard-working musicians who have contributed to the reputation of the Q Club. The numerous awards we have worn is a clear indication of the standard that is required of you when you join. We hold ourselves to a very high standard and expect the same for anyone joining the residency.”