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Come for interviews, Kileleshwa residents tell MCA aspirants

Aspiring candidates who want to run for the Kileleshwa Ward in Nairobi will be vetted by the residents ahead of the August 9 elections.

On Monday, the Kileleshwa Ward Neighborhood Association (KIWANA), invited all MCA aspirants to a meeting on April 9.

The association’s manager Sam Mwaura said the meeting to be held at Kileleshwa Covenant Community Church will allow the aspirants to introduce themselves to residents and explain their plan for the area if elected.

“The introduction will be in the form of a brief overview of your CV. We will also want to hear whether you meet the integrity criteria set out in the Constitution and how you plan to engage in the fight against corruption,” Mwaura said in a letter to aspirants.


The aspirants will also be grilled on their understanding of the national values and principles of governance as set out in Article 10 of the Constitution.

KIWANA coordinator Carol Sudi said at least seven MCA candidates have confirmed their attendance.

“As of now, I have seven confirmations. Deciding to vie is someone’s decision but voting is something personal and people will choose those they want to vote for,” she said.

Kileleshwa is currently represented in the Nairobi County Assembly by Elias Okumu, who was elected in 2013 on an ODM party ticket. Okumu also serves as the minority leader in the Nairobi County assembly.

Popular city-based blogger Robert Alai is among those who have expressed interest in the seat. Alai, who holds a computer science degree from USIU, announced he will contest for the Kileleshwa Ward Representative seat on an ODM party ticket.

“I have lived in Kileleshwa for the last four years and with that, I understand the needs of the poor as well as the middle class and the rich. We need to give everyone a unique space and not discriminate,” Alai told a local news outlet last week.