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Comedian Akuku Danger loses his kid sister to sickle cell anaemia

Comedian Mannerson Ochieng aka Akuku Danger has shared some devastating news of his younger sister’s untimely death due to sickle cell anaemia.

The comedian has penned a heart-wrenching message on Facebook informing his fans and followers about his loss.

“Woke up to the saddest news. My small siz went to be with the Lord last night. Like me, she was born with sickle cell disease and she succumbed to it. Rest well, warrior,” he wrote.

Accompanying the message is a video of his bubbly young sister joyfully dancing, capturing the cherished moments they shared together.

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Akuku Danger has in the past spoken about his battle with sickle cell anaemia and how much his family lives in constant fear of losing him to the disease.

In one interview, the 32-year-old recounted how in 2021 he spent two months in hospital after his lungs collapsed.

“I have lived with this condition all my life, and around December 28, I started feeling unwell, prompting me to seek medical attention,” he recounted the incident which he said turned out to be the last day he felt ‘alive’.

Akuku Danger ha also spoken about his parents’ efforts to get him the best healthcare from a young age, but acknowledged that treating sickle cell anaemia comes with significant financial challenges.

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“Sickle cell is a tricky disease. Sometimes I can be okay, and the next minute, I am in excruciating pain. Patients react differently to it,” he explained.

“In Nyanza region, where I grew up, sickle cell is quite common, yet there is a lack of awareness. Many parents are not even aware of the disease’s existence.”

Akuku Danger emphasized the need for government intervention in such areas to raise awareness about sickle cell anaemia.

He expressed concerns about some doctors who only offer painkillers as treatment, while the more comprehensive medications remain unaffordable for many parents.

However, despite the challenges he has faced, the comedian said he is no longer afraid of his health condition, having learned to love and accept himself completely.

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