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Comedian Awinja confirms her ‘wedding’ over the weekend was fake

Former Papa Shirandula actress Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, has confirmed that her ‘perfect wedding’ that took place over the weekend was fake.

According to Awinja, the traditional wedding was an upcoming YouTube show to be aired on her social media account.

The show stars comedians and digital content creators Cyprian Osoro (Osorosoro) and Jacky Vike (Awinja).

The series revolves around a couple’s journey to their wedding as they plan their wedding.

Their plans are followed by a series of unfortunate events that bring them to the brink of separation.

Awinja had previously announced her wedding through a post on social media, without sharing any photos.

“Are you invited? Also tunaomba Mtupee List ya BRIDESMAIDS Tafadhali,” Awinja wrote.

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Photos and videos of Awinja tying the knot with Cyprian Osoro in a traditional wedding started circulating on social media on Saturday after she announced her wedding.

Awinja wore a traditional dress mixed with a Western wedding dress.

How did fans know it was fake?

The absence of her celebrity friends at the event only fuelled the speculation, making it hard for fans to believe she had gotten married.

The fact that videos and photos of the ceremony were only shared by third parties only raised more questions about the legitimacy of the traditional wedding.

Awinja and her partner Osoro have appeared as husband and wife in many other sketches, making it difficult for fans to separate reality from fiction.

Awinja has also said in the past that she would never expose her spouse and loved ones on social media, and the fact that she posted the videos and photos on her social media made it look even more fake.

The full show is currently available on Safaricom’s mobile-only platform

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