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Comedian Chipukeezy lauds artistes who vied for elective seats

Comedian Chipukeezy has congratulated fellow artistes who vied for various elective seats in the just concluded general elections.

In a lengthy statement on his Instagram page, the comedian said that he truly celebrates artistes who summoned the courage to seek leadership positions.

“I want to take this opportunity to celebrate all artistes that vied for different elective positions in their respective regions within the country. It takes a lot mentally, physically, financially and psychologically to make a decision, take a stance, prepare, vie, campaign and win/concede in an election,” Chipukeezy said.

The funnyman then congratulated the artistes who managed to bag the seats they ran for.

“To my fellow artisans who won, remember that great leadership is art, and you are in-born artistes. Mirror the virtues of those great artistic talents, to your term in leadership.”

The comedian also offered words of encouragement to artistes who did not get elected into leadership.

“For the artistes that didn’t make it, it is not the end of your world or this world. It takes outright confidence to accept a conceding outcome. Take this time to observe, reimagine, and take risks that will boost your leadership capacity and capabilities. An artist is an in-born Leader,” he said.

Listing out the artistes who vied for the 2022 general elections, Chipukeezy said:

“I celebrate you all @jalangoo @bahatikenya @jessythemc @anita_soina @ekodydda @mariga77 @dngkenya @anita_soina @jsakaja @gabu_bugubugu @mariga77 @kj4dago @mohajichopevu.”

Prior to the election, Chipukeezy had aligned himself with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) as was on a number of occasions spotted at UDA campaign rallies.

The comedian, whose real name is Vincent Mwasia earlier this year announced his exit from Nacada as its vice chairperson, a position he stepped down from a few months before jetting out to the USA for performances.

He previously worked with Kenyan comedy mogul Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill on Churchill Show before he set out to do solo shows and expand his creative territory.