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Comedian Flaqo celebrates Instagram milestone

Kenyan content creator Flaqo Raz, born Erastus Otieno, is the latest celebrity to garner a million followers on Instagram.

The content creator who recently bounced back after months-long hiatus was congratulated by his fans for the feat. Others lauded him for his creativity in making hilarious and relatable content.

Comedian Flaqo is one of the fastest growing young content creators in Kenya, who has risen above all odds to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Having risen to fame with his first ever character ‘Mama Otis’, Flaqo slowly grew his fanbase with his hilarious clips showcasing a typical Kenyan household where mothers are depicted to portray melodramatic personalities in trivial situations.

Just like other content creators on social media, Flaqo has had his fair share of trolls from internet users who got to him at some point last year when he decided to take a break from creating content citing a mental breakdown.

Before coming up with the character of Mama Otis, Flaqo was a music entertainer. The comedian did not have it easy as he went against the competition for his place as an RnB artiste in the music industry.

His delayed breakthrough in music saw him seek greener pastures in comedy which enabled his success in content creation. His dream of becoming noticeable in music saw him producing lyrical tracks such as ‘Hold You Down’, ‘Soul Cry’, ‘Make it Home’, and ‘Regrets’.

Having perfected his art and craft on the comedy front, Flaqo’s fans seem to like his comic content more than his compositions.

A few months ago the comedian released his latest single dubbed ‘Insincere’, which was met with as much praise as criticism from his fans.

The sizeable following on social media is certain to increase his brand both within and outside the country.