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Comedian Flaqo: How stress almost ended my career

Comedian Flaqo Raz, born Erastus Otieno, has opened up on the career threatening ailments he says have hampered his career growth.

While telling it all on his Insta-stories, the comedian confirmed his health situation has vastly improved  in the past three months ever since he elected not to get stressed.

“I had bad allergies (Hives/Urticaria) since 2014. I talked about it 7 months ago. I could not sleep every night due to discomfort, I could not shoot (my videos) consistently, my body was always swelling daily, I could not go out, I was always cancelling plans,” he recalled.

The content creator also stated that taking care of one’s mental health is important.

“Ever since I took life easy, no stress, pray, mental health checks, the allergies disappeared. It’s been three months now and no sign of an allergy. Attending to your mental health is key man.”

Flaqo has recently resurfaced after taking a one-year break from content creation citing mental health distortion.

The comedian in an interview said that he is now back after he felt the need to take a break because he was at a point where his characters had taken a toll on him because of switching roles far too many times.

Earlier in the year, the comedian had hit out at Twitter trolls after they had it in for him following a funny clip he shared on his Twitter handle that a certain quarter did not find humorous.

In a Whatsapp status update, the comedian downplayed the negativity, revealing the hate is only propagated by a particular group of 20 ‘keyboard warriors’ who also own 10 pseudo-Twitter accounts.

Similarly, in 2020, Flaqo rubbed shoulders with another section of Twitter users after he threw his weight behind boy band Sauti Sol, who were then being criticized for cancelling a concert without notice.