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Comedian Jalang’o roasted online for post on Ivy Wangechi’s murder

Comedian Jalang’o has been bashed by Kenyans online for his post on social media that has been judged to justify the brutal murder of Moi University student Ivy Wangechi.

Ivy was killed by Naftali Njahi Kinuthia at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) on Tuesday.

Friends said Mr Kinuthia had been obsessed with Ivy. Detectives said he had sent money several times to Ivy, including money for her birthday party.


In a lengthy post on Instagram on Thursday, Jalang’o warned young girls not to accept money and gifts from men without thinking of possible consequences.

He claimed that men do not just gift women with no attached intentions, and that girls should “never take any money from a man without asking them what they want in return and are comfortable with the response”.

“People work so hard for their money my sister; do not exchange lies for a man’s hard earned money. My daughter when you decide to live beyond what your parents can afford be ready to pay the price that the owner of your lifestyle will ask,” argued Jalang’o.

The post elicited a backlash from netizens forcing the comedian to delete it, but not before netizens had taken screenshots and sharing widely.


Bernice Mbugua said; “He should give another advice to men to move on when the relationship is not working. How many women get into a relationship, invest time on it but are later dumped, maybe pregnant and have to pick up the pieces and move on? If we were to kill everyone who wronged us in one way or another, then probably we would all be dead.”

Cate Odero wrote’; “All these men out here, including @JalangoMwenyewe and the murderous fools who kill women because they did not get their way, is the reason women are not safe.”

Hawa Ojwang commented; “But can life be bought with any amount of money??? when you decide to put your investment where there is no profit who is to be blamed???I have seen people buying plots which has already been bought, loosing huge amount of money and didn’t hear a dead person…if a man invest with his money let him claim his money back but not life.”

Maggy Karish said; “Dear Men, kindly invest your money in the bank. You will get returns after some time.”


Danykidy Love said; “What l fail to understand is why everyone condemns the woman, in most cases such as obandos case you get men moving with girls young enough to be their daughter’s, all men should understand that their best friend who they come with in the house for drinks, that is your daughter’s sponsor, the friend eye’s the daughter, who should be blamed in this case, who is mature and has taken advantage of the other? Is it the 18 year old or the 60 year old, men should stop justifying their lusts and immorality, advise that girl instead of taking advantage of her, today you are throwing stones at a random girl on social media tomorrow it’s your daughter or relative.”