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Comedian Kartelo shows off girlfriend, daughter

Kenyan comedian and radio presenter Nick Chege, best known by his stage name Kartelo, has publicly revealed his family.

In a post on social media, Kartelo shared a picture of Fahima Nassir holding their one-year-old daugher.

He added that the two ladies are ‘his reason for living’.

“Imagine playing chess with 2 queens ? ii ndio mbogi hunipea life, mbogi yenye hufanya nisicheze blind (This is where I get life from). Acha leo niappreciate First lady wa kimonyoski (Let me appreciate my First Lady) @fahima_nassir,” he wrote.

In a previous interview, Kartelo opened up about growing up without his father

“So venye ali disappear tukatake kama kawaida mzae tukajua atarudi tu (He disappeared and for some time we though he will come back). Then one month, two months, ikaenda. One year, two years. So tuli realize after two years mzae ame disappear (We realised after two years that he has disappeared); kutoka hiyo time sahii ni over 10 years. So after hapo ndio search ikaanza akatafutwa kwa redio. Wazazi wake walikua na doo so walimtafuta sana but hakupatikana (It is now over ten years, his parents had money and we have unsuccessfully tried searching for him everywhere)” said the comedian.

He has also been off social media but said it was because he was spending more time with his family.

Fahima on her private Instagram page describes herself as a young mom, fashion enthusiast and a Borana.

The funny Sheng master and Fahima welcomed their first child together in May 2020.