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Comedian Kartelo shares experience of losing child

Comedian Nick Chege alias Kartelo has opened up on the loss of his first child.

The 23-year old who doubles as a radio presenter says he had his first child in high school, only for the baby to succumb to birth-related complications.

“ I had a child when I was in Form 4, a beautiful girl, but she did not make it out of the hospital.”

Kartelo who was still living with his mother at the time her first baby was born adds that he struggled to provide for his girlfriend. They also managed to hide the pregnancy from his mother.

“On the delivery day, I took her to hospital alone. She delivered successfully, but the baby passed away after a few hours. I was hurt since I had done my best, yet I was very broke.”

Over the years, Kartelo says he had always wanted to fill the gap left by his daughter.

“After that incident, I always felt I wanted to have another child so the pain of losing a child can go away,”

The gap was filled over a year ago when his girlfriend Fahima Nassir welcomed their daughter.