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Comedian Mulamwah: I would be poor if I pursued my nursing career – EXCLUSIVE

David Oyando, popularly known as comedian Kendrick Mulamwah, stands tall among the digital elite, earning well over Sh1 million every month.

He says his earnings often spike and fluctuate with the influx of clients he attracts each week.

In an exclusive phone interview with Nairobi News, Mulamwah delves into his success as a digital content creator and reflects on his journey from aspiring nurse to internet sensation.

When asked about his highlights in the digital space and whether he regrets not pursuing nursing, Mulamwah confidently states:

“I don’t regret anything because I have achieved so much in a short period of time through content creation. I don’t think I would have achieved as much in nursing, but I also believe that talent and education go hand in hand,” he said.

Explaining the importance of education alongside talent, he said:

“Talent without education is not enough. You will still suffer because you need the knowledge to read contracts and interact with your fans. Education is the first thing you should get. Although I am a comedian, I will always be a nurse by profession, but talent can fade away any day. For example, if you lose your voice, you’re unemployed because you need a voice to entertain people. Talent is a short-term game. Most artists who have gone to school are more successful,” Mulamwah explained.

Mulamwah revealed his impressive rates and offered advice to aspiring content creators.

“At the moment, I charge from Sh100,000 per post in a week, depending on the deal and the length of the contract. Some posts even go for Sh200k each, depending on which social media platform the client wants. If they want the post on all social media sites, then the rates are a bit higher. At the moment, I have countless brands that I work with”.

He advises budding talent to prioritise copyrighting their work.

“Many artists overlook this crucial step, leaving their content vulnerable. It is very easy to earn nothing when your work is out there. Focus on your work and make sure you invest,” says Mulamwah.

Despite his success, Mulamwah remains grounded. He explained why he mostly uses matatus as his mode of transport.

“That’s part of where I get my ideas for content. Interacting with people helps you understand life from all angles.”

The comedian says he hopes to be remembered as someone who started from scratch and made something of himself.

“My legacy is to be remembered as someone who started from scratch and made something of himself. I want people to see and appreciate my journey, which is why I showcase my investments online to inspire others.”

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