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Comedian Nasra Yusuf opens up on losing baby

Kenyan comedienne Nasra Yusuf has opened up on her miscarriage, saying it is going to take longer to recover from the loss of her first child.

During a question and answer session on her Instagram stories, the Churchill show star responded to a fan who suggested miscarriages are normal and that she should take heart.

The fan explained she went through a similar ordeal but recovered to get another.

“It’s very normal to miscarriage the first baby, I did too and in three months time I got it again,” read the fan’s note in part.

The rib cracking comedienne responded saying, “Good for you, but experiences are different, the fear that was instilled in me will take a long time to get over.”

Nasra and her husband Rashid Abdalla recently announced they had lost their baby.

They had initially shared a photo flaunting the results of a pregnancy test where the comedienne accompanied the photo with a caption expressing just how happy she was over the news.

“This is the happiest I have been in a long time. I’m in love with a woman I haven’t met yet… can’t wait to meet you my baby…imagine having a child with the love of your life. I love you @director_rashid” she wrote.

Rashid was also over the moon speaking about how God had answered their prayers. He wrote:

“I have been waiting for this to happen for a while and finally Allah has made it happen alhamdulillah. I can’t wait to meet you my baby. You will be cute like your mother @nasrayusuf…I love you”.

A few days later, Nasra shared a photo of herself on a hospital bed announcing that she had lost the baby.