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Comedian Njoro: Fame cost me my life and marriage – Exclusive

In a heartfelt interview with Nairobi News, Churchill Show comedian George Njoroge popularly known as Njoro has shared his deeply personal and emotional journey through fame, depression, and the eventual breakdown of his marriage.

The now US-based comedian, known for his wit and humor, delved into the challenges he faced while in the limelight and how his rise to fame contributed to the dissolution of his marriage to the mother of his children.

Fame came with its own set of challenges for Njoro.

“I wanted to be a family person and protect my family, but fame came with so much pressure. I could not spend even time with my family. You go to a place and the fans also want to spend time with me. We would go for events, but we end up quarreling. She could not handle that pressure. She does not drink, so it was boring for her. You do not even have time with your wife. She only went for two shows and she could not handle.”

The father of four bravely recounted the painful chapter of his life.

“My wife dumped me for being an alcoholic and not spending time with my family.”

As he opened up about his struggles, Njoro revealed that fame brought unforeseen pressures that took a toll on his relationship.

Njoro says his marriage held significant meaning to him.

“The mother of my children was the first person I was serious to get married to. She was the first person to make a wife. The person who I became a father with. She gave birth to three kids.”

Despite their deep connection, the pressures of fame, compounded by his struggle with alcohol, took their toll.

Reflecting on his battle with depression during his time in the limelight, Njoro disclosed, “I am completely healed, although there are triggers that can make me go back to depression. My past relationship brought me so down.”

He acknowledged that his journey to recovery was not without its challenges, but he has emerged stronger and more resilient.

“She was a good wife, but things happened. I am okay and I am healed, but when she sends me love messages, that she had stopped sending, they try to pull me back to her. I fought for my marriage for 11 years, but it failed. I do not want to go back there.”

Njoro also touched upon the importance of shielding his family from the limelight.

“I can live peacefully without people attacking my children since they do not know them. Nobody knows my baby mama. The mother, whatever she is doing, people do not know her as my wife, and she is free to do her business. We are separated.”