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Comedian Njugush carjacked, robbed at knifepoint

Kenyan comedian Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, was carjacked in a harrowing experience on October 7, 2022.

He reported the case to Central police under OB number 02 07/10/2022.

Taking to his social media, the comedian narrated the chilling experience after being hailed down by a middle-aged woman along University Way around midnight in Nairobi.

“She smelled like alcohol but I guess no stress. I lowered my window a little bit and she said she has kids who’ve not eaten for days…she doesn’t beg but it has bitten each other so she had no choice.

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She looks beat, she told me she wants to fend for herself but because of an accident she had, she is forced to beg. She tells me she does not want money but if I have food in the car, I could give it to her,” Njugush began.

He went on to narrate that the woman convinced him of her problems to the point of getting him to open the car door to look at an injury she had. Sympathizing with her and her children, Njugush opened the door and two thugs descended on him.

“Ghafla bin vuu, two guys came in from my co-driver’s side and that’s when I knew it has bitten each other.

The lady says ‘Ukiitana nitapiga nduru niseme unataka kunir*pe’…by the time I try to think, there was a knife being held against me by my newly found co-driver.

The co-driver goes ‘Ala Njugush, leo tutacheka’ at this point nimejitetea…they say they won’t be hard on me but their kids lazima wakule,” added Njugush.

His phone was snatched from him as he told them he only had costumes in the car that they could carry. One of the men proceeded to slap Njugush and his M-Pesa PIN number was demanded as they hurled insults at him.

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He had little money and they laughed at him as the lady began transferring the money out of Njugush’s phone as they wondered how popular artistes don’t have money too.

“The whole time, I was being taken around the city. I tried using my hazard lights to alert people but it seems to see the same time na cooperate kama creameries. They transfer money…then exit.

They told me where to stop and the two men alighted first. As the lady tried to alight, I saw the phone in her right hand, the engine was running, I tried grabbing my phone from her hand and it fell on the back left side.

I knew that was my queue to speed off as the guys had started turning around to come back. I left with the door ajar. Straight to Central (police station). Be on the lookout, my people. Opening the door is where it’s at.

It slaps. Glad they didn’t harm me or let their children drink milk but now I know better. Lakini kukaribishwa Nairobi nayo nimekaribishwa mara kadhaa,” concluded Njugush.

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