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Comedian Njugush rallies youth to queue up and vote

Comedian Njugush has appealed to Kenyans to be part of change by participating in voting in the August 2022 polls.

In a video skit on his social media platforms, the comedian, born Timothy Kimani, asked Kenyans to avoid excuses and queue up to vote.

“You were asked to change your polling station to your current residence but some of you responded by saying you do not have the time,” he explained.

“Some of you now do not want to travel upcountry because you claim to lack the means. If you do not vote know just know that people will make that decision for you.”

This comic skit’s assertion is not further from the truth considered recent statistics, as a a low turnout of Kenyans was witnessed in a number of counties when the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) launched mass voters registration.

A recent survey by Infotrak also indicated the youth who form the largest voting bloc in the country are less willing to participate in the general elections.

The poll indicated that whereas 98% of voters aged over 55 years were willing to vote only 90% of the youth aged between 18-26 were eager to do so.

Additionally, only 94% of the electorate between the 27-35 were willing to cast their votes in the coming month.