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Comedian Njugush responds to Jua Cali’s criticism of his stand-up comedy

Comedian Njugush has addressed the comments made by fellow artist Jua Cali regarding his stand-up comedy.

Njugush, who had just returned from a successful comedy tour in Australia alongside his wife Celestine Ndinda, shared his thoughts at the airport, where they addressed journalists.

Acknowledging the subjective nature of art, Njugush emphasized that personal preferences differ from person to person.

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He stated, “Art is very subjective, and the song you like, I might not like it, to the comedy you are watching I might not watch, but that does not mean we are not working.”

He went on to highlight his immense success, pointing out the sold-out shows in TTNT1-4, as well as his performances in the UK and Australia.

Drawing attention to the thriving digital space, Njugush noted the positive developments occurring within the industry.

Refusing to let criticism deter his progress, he confidently stated:

“There is something happening in the digital space. One thing why I am not disturbed is that we were here when we did ‘Real Househelps of Nairobi,’ and they said we were acting as’mboch.’ But after Lupita congratulated us, they also agreed. We started doing digital, and they also criticized us, and here we are. People are creating niche and moving with it.”

Njugush further highlighted the financial success he and his fellow content creators have achieved.

“People are coming through, and corporates are paying top dollar, and they are making money.”

His words shed light on the growing recognition and support digital creators receive from audiences and corporate entities.

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Addressing Jua Cali and others criticising his work, Njugush conveyed a message of resilience and self-belief.

“We are on the right track. When you hear a dog barking, just know it heard you. The only thing we can do is to blame ourselves.”

With this statement, he encouraged staying focused on their creative endeavours and disregarding negativity.

On Monday, 10 July, Genge artiste Jua Cali found himself at the centre of controversy after expressing his opinions on popular comedian Njugush, leading to a backlash from fans and followers.

The exchange began when Jua Cali responded to several posts, where he shared his perspective on Njugush’s comedic abilities, suggesting that he lacks humour altogether.

One post stated that Njugush excels in skits but falls short in stand-up comedy.

While acknowledging their friendship, Jua Cali remarked:

”Njugush is my guy, but comedy is not his forte. He simply isn’t funny! When it comes to skits, though, Njugush is exceptional. But in terms of stand-up, no.”

Jua Cali has since apologized to Njugush and his fans.

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