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Comedian Njugush: Why I put my son on social media

Comedian Njugush, real name Timothy Kimani, is one of the most celebrated Kenyan comedians having made a name in the entertainment scene as an actor and funnyman. 

The entertainer, who shot into the limelight for his role in The Real Househelps of Kawangware series has attributed his growth to a coincidence.

In an online interview, Njugush says a chance meeting with fellow actor and scriptwriter Abel Mutua proved pivotal to his career.

“I met Abel Mutua who was looking for someone to host a new show he had launched. He saw how funny I was and saw potential in me. He reached out and told me he was looking for a stupid person,” Njugush explains.

Njugush was later called in for a shoot by Abel thinking that he was going to do something in relation to journalism, however, when he got there he was told to take off the suit he had donned and get into a bathtub. He said that it was at the shoot that things started changing in his life.

“I got to the set thinking that I was going to report news or something, but then Abel told me that they were shooting a scene where I had to be in a bathtub. That was the first clip we shot and I think that was the beginning of everything for me,” he said.

Njugush confessed to many things in his life being a success from failure and mistakes, adding his growth in the industry has been facilitated by those ‘mistakes’. 

“After three episodes, people started getting curious about my identity. I didn’t have a name at the time, so after much consideration, they settled for Njugush. A lot of things in my life have been mistakes but then they work out for the better,” he stated. 

Speaking about his son Tugi, the comedian disclosed it was not his plan to put him out on social media but he saw great potential in him and decided to give him a shot in the world of content creation. Tugi, with the help of his father Njugush, and mother Celestine Ndinda, has grown rather profusely on YouTube currently commanding a subscriber count of 142,000 subscribers.

“When Tugi was young we had planned to keep him on the down low, away from social media but then again it became hard to do so because in the house whenever I would say something, he would say something else on top of that and what he would say was even funnier than what I said,” said Njugush.

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