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Comedian Obinna ‘considered suicide’

Comedian Oga Obinna says he, not once, but twice contemplated taking his own life owing to challenges he was facing at the time.

Despite being all smiles on his social media pages and during his gigs on radio and television, life has not been easy on him, he adds, and he went through much to get to where he currently is.

“Be daring, be curious, be experimental for nobody has the blueprint to live the perfect life,” he said.

“You will have pressure and be stressed or even depressed. Like me you might opt for the easier way out Suicide. Don’t do it. You will allow them to win. I tried suicide twice when nothing was working out. I repeat dont think this direction because it will not solve anything.”

The funny man concludes by offering advice to young  people trying to change their lives for the better, urging them to take life one step at a time and not allow themselves to be under any pressure from friends.

“Celebrate every win as it comes and don’t explain yourself to anybody. However there is more satisfaction in GIVING than Receiving.Don’t over depend on your friends, they don’t OWE you anything (I have so many powerful friends who would improve my level by just one signature – but they never do, all good. I don’t blame them or judge them. They don’t OWE me.?.”

Obinna is a popular stand-up comedian, actor, musician, come TV and radio presenter.