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Comedian Ochonjo’s last moments revealed by Captain Otoyo

The Kenyan entertainment industry is still mourning the loss of comedian and actor Ochonjo Duncan, who tragically passed away due to late discovered kidney failure.

Ochonjo’s sudden death left his friends, family and colleagues in shock as they were unaware of his underlying health condition.

Known for his witty humour and vibrant performances, Ochonjo had been experiencing sweating problems, but the true cause remained elusive.

According to fellow comedian Captain Otoyo Sibuor, actress Sandra Dacha’s insistence finally prompted Ochonjo to seek medical attention.

Realising the seriousness of his condition, Sandra quickly arranged for a taxi to transport Ochonjo to Kikuyu Hospital.

“Sandra (Dacha) is a bully, she makes you do what she wants when she wants. She sent a vehicle to take Ochonjo from Pangani to Kikuyu Hospital by force, by fire,” added Captain Otoyo.

Despite the best efforts of the medical team, Ochonjo’s condition deteriorated rapidly and he succumbed to kidney failure after about four days in hospital.

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According to Captain Otoyo, who was speaking at the Kenya National Threatre on Sunday, as news of Ochonjo’s death spread, friends and colleagues began to consider how to raise funds for his hospital and funeral expenses.

However, their concerns were soon allayed when Sandra revealed that Ochonjo had already made his own funeral arrangements.

It turned out that Ochonjo had become a member of the Kenya Urban People Association (KUPA KENYA), paying just Sh1,200 a year for his last expense – a funeral package.

“Brothers and sisters, we laid this fine gentleman to rest with just Sh1,200, which covered all expenses including the coffin,” said Captain Otoyo.

Ochonjo’s membership entitled him to a comprehensive funeral plan that included transportation of the body, clothing, mortuary expenses, an executive coffin, a lowering device, a gazebo tent, a trolley and even a 33-seater bus to transport his coffin.

Amidst the celebration of Ochonjo’s foresight, his legacy was honoured with a minute’s silence during Captain Otoyo’s show, allowing the audience to reflect on the tremendous contributions Ochonjo had made to the Kenyan entertainment scene.

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