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Comedian Terence Creative on growing up in Mathare slums

Renowned comedian Lawrence Macharia, widely known as Terence Creative, has candidly shared his remarkable journey from the slums of Nairobi’s Mathare to becoming a celebrated figure in the comedy scene.

The youngest in a family of three, Terence was born and raised in Mlango Kubwa in the Mathare slums, an environment he said shaped his life.

In a recent interview on Dr. King’ori’s Wicked Edition show, the father of three reflected on his challenging upbringing, revealing how he narrowly escaped an angry mob that could have cost him his life.

“I was a learned street child. I knew how to express myself and explain myself to the police officers. I would stay in the streets for two weeks without going home. My dream in life was just to be alive. I have survived so many things—mob justice, drugs, being a Mungiki. My prayer was just to be alive. In Mathare, you would wake up and find out that your friend was shot dead,” he shared.

Terence Creative is set to launch his upcoming movie in December,  leveraging the success of his creative videos that have amassed thousands of followers on various social media platforms.

Terence went viral for his Papa Fred character, a Congolese man involved in money laundering.

The Wash Wash episodes were a hit among Kenyans, and he did three episodes. He is yet to launch the fourth.

“Expect heart-stopping action, brilliantly executed cons, and a series of laugh-out-loud moments as Papa Fred tries to outwit law enforcement and the dangerous criminal underworld. With unexpected alliances, betrayals, and countless plot twists, Wash Wash 4 is a rollercoaster of fun, crime, and redemption,” he wrote.

Highlighting the diversity of his characters, Terence emphasized that his performances are deeply rooted in his personal experiences.

“I do not go far from what has happened in my life. All my characters have humor, and they are all favorites for me.”

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