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Comedian Terence Creative on last conversation with late grandmother – Exclusive

Content creator Terence Creative has shared his last conversation with his late grandmother, Grace Wambui, who played a crucial role in raising him.

The comedian’s emotions were visible as he revealed that his grandmother passed away during the construction of a modern house he was building for her in 2021.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Terence explained the heart-wrenching moment when he lost interest in completing the house after his grandmother’s passing.

“When my grandmother passed on, I lost interest about the house I was building for her. I go there and remember her,” he said, expressing the profound impact of her loss on his motivation.

Terence vividly recalled the day of his grandmother’s demise, revealing:

“When she died, I was on site just checking on how things were being done. I vomited 10 times before I received the news that she was dead.”

The comedian’s grief was visible as he also spoke about the personal toll it took on him.

The comedian further disclosed his grandmother’s last words, emphasizing her unwavering concern for the well-being of his children.

“We had conversations with her, and she always said, make sure you support all your children. So the house is going to be there for my children and the generation to come,” Terence shared.

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Despite the house not serving the intended purpose, Terence revealed a heartwarming decision to use the property to help others.

“Currently, we have given the house to a certain lady who was in trouble and she was kicked by the husband with her three children. She was our friend, and when she reached out, we decided to help her until she settles and gets her life back,” he explained.

In a touching tribute to his late grandmother, Terence spoke about breaking generational curses and ensuring a brighter future for his family.

“I am sure I got her blessings, and she is also very proud of me because I am the person being used to break the generational curses in our family,” he stated.

Reflecting on his achievements, Terence concluded:

“Whatever I have been able to achieve in my entire family, last generations have not gotten there. I hope I will pass these blessings to the generations to come. No one will go through what I went through in life.”