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Comedian Terence on the spot for Sh100 ‘token’

Kenyan comedian Terence Creative is under fire from some sections of social media after he declined a request to reward a fan with a Sh100 token.

And the actor, real name Lawrence Macharia, has come out to not only explain himself, but also apologize.

“We are in campaign season,” he said.

“When you offer someone Sh100, people will flood the area. Some may even damage your car. The guy (requesting for the money) was high and he wanted more money for ‘top-up’. If he wanted money for food I’d have given him.”

The actor also suggested artists also struggle to make ends meet.

“We also lack cash at times.”

The explanation comes a day after a video went viral in which he was heard telling a fan ‘I do not have money to give you’ before driving off.

Famed for his Wash Wash skits, Terrence, in a past interview revealed how he transformed into an inline sensation.

“The pandemic changed my craft. I had to do more skits because everyone was online. When I realized they were watching, I switched from producing content twice a week to every day. It’s no joke,” he said.

Saying he managed to remain relevant by not overthinking and observing the societal trends, Terrence noted that he does a lot of research and creates content on real life.