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Comedian YY tells off online bullies infamous for attacking artistes

“Continue spewing hate online, while we become more successful.” These are the words of comedian Oliver Otieno popularly known as YY, while telling off online bullies for their penchant of attacking artistes for their hard work.

YY posted a video of himself ranting while standing next to a black Toyota land cruiser, which he claims is his.

He lashed out at haters who he says instead of working to enhance their living standards, all they (bullies) do is buy data bundles to insult individuals online.

“Munaambiangwa mufanye kazi na munatukana watu online, kazi ni kutukana tukana watu, left right centre. Tukana Akothee, tukana YY, tukana Mulamwa. Hardwork. Hiyo ulimi yako inakusaidia na nini. Kazi ni kununua data na kutukana watu. Tafuta pesa wacha kutukana watu, fanya kazi na uishi mahali pazuri,” said YY.

He added: “Mlisema niiweke hii Ukweli Huku….Ndio Hiyo… The condition still stands,If I get 814,201 tweets of hate, I will quit Comedy…bila hiyo Nimeshinda!”

On Monday comedian Kendrick Mulamwah said he had abandoned online comedy after being mercilessly trolled on social media.

The comedian said that trolls were doing more harm to his life than good and had left him fatherless after losing his child at 3 months due to stress reportedly caused by cyber bullies.