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Comedians Njugush, Omondi lash out at ‘disappointing’ young leaders

Content creator Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, has voiced his disillusionment with young elected leaders.

In a candid interview on JKLIVE with Jeff Koinange last night, Njugush expressed a deep sense of betrayal and disillusionment felt by many young Kenyans.

“As a young person, I feel let down,” said Njugush.

“We have a lot to worry about because we are not inspired and there is no hope to inspire young people. The people we elected, who we thought would represent us, are not doing what they are supposed to do”.

Njugush’s comments come at a time of growing frustration among young people who feel that their voices and concerns are not being adequately addressed by their representatives.

In particular, he pointed to the lack of engagement by parliamentarians on key legislative issues.

“Like the other day, I was quite embarrassed to hear two or three parliamentarians say that they had not read the Finance Bill,” he continued.

“One of them said, ‘Why are you making a fuss about something that doesn’t concern you? These are the people we expect to represent us and we voted for them.”

The comedian did not shy away from addressing the economic challenges facing Kenyans, particularly under the Kenya Kwanza government, which has been criticised for its fiscal policies.

“Kenyans are worried because the government keeps increasing taxes,” said Njugush.

He also expressed concern about the misuse of religious institutions by some leaders to manipulate the public.

“We don’t have hope because we keep increasing the debt we have. My worry is whether I will see money budgeted to facilitate my production or is it just taxing and taxing. Right now we are taking care of our parents. What happens when we can no longer do that?”

Njugush also highlighted the problematic relationship between some leaders and the church.

“Some of these leaders are abusing the church. It is not bad to give, but they give so much and we are told to tighten our belts. The church gets so much money and that is why people are being used”.

Joining the discussion was fellow comedian Eric Omondi, who echoed Njugush’s sentiments and urged Kenyans to look for new leadership.

Omondi criticised the perpetuation of outdated leadership styles inherited from previous regimes.

“We have a generation that is still ruling and it’s all lies,” Omondi claimed. “We have to go in there and see what change we can bring. They are all students of the previous regimes we had before. People have to be held accountable for everything in this government”.

Cabinet Secretary for Finance (CS) Njuguna Ndung’u is expected to present the 2024/2025 budget to the National Assembly today, June 13.