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Comedienne Nasra says she doesn’t mind a co-wife

Former Churchill show comedienne Nasra Yusuf has said she doesn’t mind having a co-wife. Nasra made the revelation in a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram.

One female fan asked if she (the fan) can be Nasra’s co-wife, to which the comedian answered affirmatively.

“Any time, any day. I actually don’t mind having a co-wife. It’s high time we agree men are polygamous by nature,” she said.

Nasra, who is married to film director Rashid Abdalla, said that she would prefer if her man marries whoever he is seeing on the side so that they can all live in harmony.

“I wouldn’t tolerate one that cheats. If you love her, wife her up and lets all live in harmony,” she added.

Her frank opinion elicited varied reactions and she sought to know why her fans were bothered with what she said.

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“Mnasema hamko ready to accept that men are polygamous. Tukubali men will always cheat, hao unaskia wanaitwa wababa wako in their 50’s and all they’re doing is cheating on their wives… what makes you think huyo wako wa 20 something na 30 something ndio hatachea?” she posed.

Nasra continued her controversial thoughts saying: “Imagine if you find out that he’s been cheating, you will be devastated right?… sasa mbona ujipee hio depression while you can help him choose a good wife?”

In July, Nasra and her hubby revealed to their fans that she suffered a miscarriage weeks after announcing she was expectant.

Sharing the tragic news on social media, Nasra said she was super excited to meet her baby but the loss has left her broken.

“Losing my little angel before I even met him/her makes it even harder to process I was way too excited for this journey… I had everything, from the name, to the sort of life he/she would have all figured out in my mind… ooh how I wish I just saw your little face my baby but Alhamdhulilah… That is what I said when I first learnt about your coming, and it is what I said when you left may you be the reason I get into paradise amin…” she wrote.

Nasra, said she was going through a difficult period but thanked her husband for standing with her and comforting her at her lowest point in life.