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Comic and Cosplay expo lives up to expectation – PHOTOS

The 2017 MJX convention that was recently held at the Garden City Mall in Nairobi lived up to all the hype it had generated.

With activities ranging from gaming tournaments to pitches for comics, there was something for everyone; everyone nerdy anyway.

There was the virtual reality experience open to everyone, where people could either play a game of archery, or one where they had to dance. Surprisingly, more people preferred dancing to shooting arrows!

There was also 3D screening of the movie Spiderman; Homecoming, which actually aired twice at a discounted price.


That every gamer’s dream is to play on the big screen was clearly evident from the packed hall. And the gamers were pitched against each other, did showcase some serious moves!

A certain Kagwe appeared to be the people’s favorite, and there was a lot of cheering each time he was playing.


The pitches would be the segment that brought Kenyan creativity to the fore with creatives coming forward with their illustrators, and giving synopsis of what their comic would be like.

There were great ideas pitched. However, the sessions were a bit too long, making it hard for one to focus all the way from the first to the last pitch.


In the cosplay section, the costumes showcased were impressive, and one could see the gigantic effort put in making these costumes, as detail was incredible. The reaper stole the show, and won the winner’s cash prize of Sh30,000.

As a last and surprise treat, attendees were treated to the screening of War for the Planet of the Apes.

Altogether this was a great, colorful, eventful convention, with an attendance size to match. Timing might have been handled a bit better, as the pitches dragged while the Cosplay event was a bit rushed, but the general feel was that everybody had a good time.