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Commercial sex workers making a killing at Inter County games in Kisii

For many commercial sex workers in Kisii county business has peaked in the last few days, thanks to the ongoing Kenya Inter County Sports and Cultural Association (Kicosca) Games.

A spot check by Nairobi News on the streets of Kisii town on Friday night revealed how business has been booming for the commercial sex workers.

One such beneficiary is Jane, who told Nairobi News that since Monday she has been going home with not less than Sh 3,000 every morning.

This is an overkill compared to the Sh500 she earns on normal days.

“I have been working in Ogembo but when I saw the large number of people in town I switched my base to Kisii town,” she said.

Jane said that she decided to be handling only five clients a night who pay her between Sh 1,000 and Sh 1,500.


One of her colleagues, Stella, says she opted to be a lone ranger after failing to agree on a recommended price for their services.

She said that she differed with her colleagues because while she was asking for Sh500 others were asking for Sh1,000.

Still, even for her, business has been good.

“Such opportunities come once in a lifetime and it is good to take advantage of the good times,” she says.

Another commercial sex worker, Silviah, says that for the first time in the two years that she has been trading in flesh, she has made a lot of money in just one week.

“So good are the clients that some even buy you food and drinks after you’ve offered them your services. I have really enjoyed my job this week,” she told Nairobi News.


But some residents, like Mr Fred Magara, have been left bemused by the invasion of the town by the commercial sex workers.

“Before you even step out of a club they are already all over you, trying to marketing their services,” he laments.

Mr Magara says the influx of the commercial sex workers has compelled him to be on a high alert whenever he goes out at night.

“I’m surprised that so far I have not heard any incidents of men being spiked and robbed by these┬ácommercial sex workers,” he observed.

Interestingly, prior the kick off of the games, the Kisii county government worked overdrive to rid off the areas near the stadium of the homeless families.