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Committee now takes over the running of troubled Nairobi Women’s Hospital

By Amina Wako February 10th, 2020 2 min read

An operating committee has now taken over the running of Nairobi Women’s Hospital following the stepping aside of the facility’s CEO Felix Wanjala to allow investigations into claims of financial misconduct, that have seen all health insurers suspend their services.

The interim leadership comprising of three Evercare will be reporting to the board of the hospital.

In a statement dated January 10, 2020, the hospital said that Wanjala agreed to step aside to allow for both an internal review and an independent inspection by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council to be carried out.

The hospital management has also vowed to cooperate with the investigations into the allegations.

“It is a priority to allow the review process to take place in the best possible conditions, in order to ensure clarity on the allegations that have been made. The Nairobi Women’s Hospital and the management team are committed to cooperating fully and in the most open manner. We expect this process will be concluded shortly, and we will update all stakeholders in due course,” read the statement in part.

A series of WhatsApp messages released on Twitter exposed the hospital’s doctors encouraging staff to commit malpractices in order to meet the financial targets.


The conversation between the officers and other employees revealed how doctors order unnecessary tests and admissions, to mint money from patients.

The malpractice allegations resulted in the suspension of the hospital by many medical insurers who withdrew it from their list of accredited service providers.

Although Wanjala said he doubted the allegations, he chose to step aside to allow a probe.

“I have taken time to think about this, although I don’t believe the allegations are true I would want our patients to regain confidence in us as a healthcare provider. I have this afternoon written to the Chairman of the board informing him of my decision to step aside from my position as CEO effective immediately to allow the investigation team to do their work,” said Dr Wanjala in a statement on Saturday.