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How cheeky commuter ‘enforced’ Michuki law with practical joke – VIDEO

A cheeky commuter inside a matatu pranked all passengers on board into belting up with a fake phone conversation with a friend who claimed he had been ‘arrested’ by traffic police officers for not belting up.

The male commuter recorded a short video during his fake phone call and at the mention of the arrest over seat belts, all occupants in the matatu scrambled for their seat belts.

His action he been lauded online with many labeling him as an ambassador for road safety.

The commuter, during the phone conversation, promised to send the arrested friend bail money, a commitment that showed the seriousness of the crackdown.

As he continued with his conversation, all occupants in the matatu belted up to prevent an arrest that was never to be.

The video has been shared online, eliciting positive reactions.

“The BEST video I’ve seen today! Kudos @blakaende2 Hehehehehe,” wrote Turk Kenya.

“My hero ?,” Ken Muhiu added.

“Kenyans need to realize that buckling up is not for the cops or so that they’re not fined; it’s for their own safety. smh?,” stated Ann Lemayian.

“This shows we are the problem…we don’t want to wear seatbelts but cry when people die on or roads,” added Farmer Maina.